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We believe in the promotion of modern foreign languages in schools in the UK.  This is because we believe that a basic understanding of at least one foreign language is a key factor to a successful modern society.                                                       


Our aim is to support teachers of Modern languages in both Primary and Secondary schools by providing exciting and engaging plays and activities for their students.

We are currently able to provide two plays; one suitable for KS 3 and 4 and one suitable for a younger, primary audience (KS1 and 2).  Both plays are comedies performed in French with occasional use of English.  

Frog & Rosbeef Theatre Company was formed in 2004 and is based in Newton Abbot, Devon.  We are working primarily with schools in the South West of England but can tour our plays further afield on specific request. We've already been as far as Blackpool!



About us

Frog and Rosbeef - French Theatre Company

Website promoting plays and workshops in French for primary and secondary schools within the U.K. "Frog & Rosbeef" Theatre Cie is based in Devon.