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A story of espionage and intrigue, a scatty actress and a nerdy computer hacker; a Juliet-cum-Bond girl and a stressed out spy who longs for an easy life in France.  Put them all together and eventually two and two make four!


In this short play with few props and a lot of laughs, Frog & Rosbeef make great play on national stereotypes and show us that after all blood is thicker than water- which ever side of the Channel we are on. It is a funny and complicated story which quickly turns into a farce but never fails in its purpose, which is to help English teenagers get a grasp on the French language.


 But this is not a daunting educational exercise. The language may be simple and the ideas put across clearly, we laugh easily at scenes which will be familiar on both sides of the Channel but above all, behind such simplicity is the genius of slapstick humour, and all the elements of comic farce which at times make us cry with laughter.


Frog & Rosbeef are a very talented pair and ‘Frangin-frangine’ succeed on all counts, for  as well as teaching young ‘rosbifs’ some very useful words for their next visit to France, they have shown us that ‘frog’ or ‘rosbif’, deep down we are all the same.


  Review by Leslie Lawn - Dartington



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