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Storytelling in French



    Key Stage 1 & 2


An introduction to languages and language learning for reception and year 1 classes.

These sessions last 30 to 45 minutes.

This begins with a brief discussion about France and the idea of languages which is tailored to the level of the children by encouraging pupil participation.

We then embark on a voyage in French by listening to a story in French.  This would ideally be the French edition of a storybook with which they are already familiar in English.

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to discuss books that you might be interested in for these sessions. 

With the help of finger puppets and other visual props the children are encouraged to respond to particular words and sounds from the story.

These sessions help children to:

  • become receptive to the idea of learning another language 
  • realise that language learning can be fun
  • listen and respond to specific words and sounds in another language 
  • try out any words of French that they are already familiar with or acquire and try out new ones.

"An excellent day for all the children.  Great activities for both KS1 and KS2. A wonderful introduction to France and French by native speakers"                 L.Norris     Fenniton Primary School.

sessions provided by Cyrille Divry PGCE



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